Understanding how to use different gear ratios to ascend hills, quickly accelerate and keep your muscles moving at a good cadence is a great way to master your bicycle. You can also work to preserve the integrity of your chain by avoiding gear ratios that put the chain under additional stress. Your speed bicycle uses two derailleurs to change between different gear ratios, which allow you to shift into lower gears for climbing and higher gears when you're moving faster.

The front derailleur picks up the chain and moves it gently between your chainrings, and your rear derailleur uses an arm to maintain tension while it slides the chain up and down the cassette. The rings are different sizes, but the spring in the derailleur arm keeps the chain taut no matter which gears you choose. When you're moving at a quick pace down a steep incline, a higher gear ratio will slow down your rate of pedaling.

Even though you're pedaling slower, you're transferring more power to the back wheel because the higher gear ratio causes the back wheel to rotate more times with each pedaling stroke.

The inverse happens when you shift down; you'll need to use less power to turn the back wheel once in a lower gear ratio because the back wheel spins more often with each stroke.

This makes ascending a hill significantly easier. Your bicycle is capable of using all of its gears, but some ratios put more stress on the drivetrain than others. The highest gear on your lowest chainring and the lowest gear on your largest chainring can spell trouble, since the chain will be held between the innermost chainring and the outermost gear on your cassette, or vice versa.

This pulls sideways on your chain slightly, which isn't the end of the world, but over time it can cause extra wear on your chain and your drivetrain; it's best to avoid these two particular ratios. Try to shift up to a higher chainring or down to a lower chainring before you reach the end of your cassette.

The best way to use the 18 gears on your bike is to try to maintain a constant cadence. Since shifting into higher or lower gears changes the speed you'll go at a given pedal stroke, the most efficient way to ride your bike is to keep your pedaling cadence between 60 and 90 rotations per minute using higher and lower gears.

This cadence is great for an aerobic workout and for keeping your drivetrain under minimal stress. To avoid getting stuck in a gear that is too low or high for the incline you're on, shift before you reach the bottom or the top of a large hill, preemptively getting the bike prepared for the road ahead. Fitness Training Cycling. Max Roman Dilthey.

magna anza bike 18 speed

Max Roman Dilthey is a science, health and culture writer currently pursuing a master's of sustainability science. Based in Massachusetts, he blogs about cycling at MaxTheCyclist. A derailleur on the back wheel of a bike.Magma is the world leader in mountain bike technology.

No surprise that our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Here, innovations are not limited to only the highest-end bikes. Every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better.

magna anza bike 18 speed

The worlds best bikes come only from the worlds best bicycle company. Every Magma is built to enhance the quality of your ride, and every model is backed by our history of performance, durability, and precision engineering.

Find your next great ride here from our comprehensive offering of trail-shredding mountain bikes, lightning-quick road bikes, and stylish city bikes.

Even the best of innovations will not survive on the market, if it is not adapted to the riders needs. Therefore the really decisive leaps in our development are not made on the computer but are made on the race track. Nowhere else but during competitive racing can you figure out the last final details that make a good bike an outstanding one. Our team may be small but is ever so dedicated to perfection and making you feel every bit of their racing spirit.

Be it at the cross country race, on the downhill track or a slopestyle course they always go to their limits and beyond to inspire us and the people who ride our bikes. We are proud to have such a dedicated circle of riders competing for us. Bikes The worlds best bikes come only from the worlds best bicycle company. Our Team Even the best of innovations will not survive on the market, if it is not adapted to the riders needs. Shop Magma x. Discover The Shop. Bike, movement, life.Get Free Email Updates!

Signup now and receive an email once we publish new content. We will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. How do you compare to the pro cyclist?

How about the average cyclist? The number one key to being fast on flat terrain is pure power. Generally larger riders will do quite well on the flats as their pure power will outweigh the larger frontal area they have to push through the air.

This is where the smaller riders will have an unfair advantage as the secret to climbing uphill is the power to weight ratio. The less you weigh the less power you have to generate to get up the hill within the same amount of time. It is true that the larger riders generally have more muscle mass and can generate more power, but the advantage is the smaller riders. This is why pure climbers generally weigh less.

Generally the top speed of a road bike is in direct correlation with how much risk the rider is comfortable taking on. On straight, slight downhill grades the heavier cyclist should outpace the lighter cyclist; however, on steep descents with sharp corners, it comes down to bike handling skills and comfort with risk.

The fastest was in by Lance Armstrong if you count that with an average bike speed of The average speed of a Gran Fondo or a Century is very dependant on how hilly the terrain is. Assuming there is a moderate amount of climbing meters and drafting is an option then for an average amateur cyclist it will take 5. Share Your Story! Recent Posts Who Invented the Bicycle? What size bike do I need? Search I Love Bicycling.By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more about our cookie policy.

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Delivery available. Any questions please ask. Magna Extreme ladies mountain bike in good working condition. Frame Small frame 17 inch 24x1.


Ready to ride Pick up only in Wembley. Collection Only. Magna echo ridge mountain bike. Size: It's in good clean condition. Magna Brands All working properly and good condition Up to 7 years old Free pets and smoke. Please click on my profile to see what other bikes are on offer.

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Delivery possible depending on the distance! Childs Pink Magna Bike, 18 gears, rugged wheels, mid frame suspension. Simple basic bike. Magna womens bike Frame 18inch Wheels 26inch Good working order Delivery availble. Ladies magna "echo ridge" mountain bike 18 inch frame 26 inch wheels Good tyres Caliper brakes Shimano index 10 speed Shimano Lever type gear changers Serviced and ready to ride Collection from Northampton nn5 I also service and repair cycles please.

Girls pink Magna Inspire 18 inch wheel bike with reflectors, dual hand brakes and padded saddle in very good condition. Collection in person only. Very good condition bik looking like new,Frist come Frist collection Please don't contact time wasters.

Condition is used but good. Pick up only. Cash on Collection please. Magna screamer bike. Good condition front and rear stunt pegs included. Childs Magna Bike, blue, 10 " Frame, 14 "wheels chunky tyressingle speed fixed wheel. Checked over clean looking bike.Magna bikes are produced in China and are sold in American retail stores such as Target and Wal-Mart. Magna offers bicycles in many different colors and sizes from child to adult. The bikes are sold as affordable alternatives to higher end bikes.

In Dynacraft voluntarily recalled about 3, Magna "Great Divide" 21 speed mountain bikes, sold in the inch size for girls and boys, and the inch size for women and men. The bikes could have defective handle bar stems which would not tighten sufficiently to lock onto the bicycles.

This can cause the front wheel not to turn properly, resulting in serious injuries to the rider from falls. Dynacraft stated that is not aware of any injuries or incidents involving these bicycles. The bikes have a model number on the left side of the seat post. The girls' bikes have model number and are purple.

The boys' bikes have model number and are blue. The women's bikes have model number and also are purple. The men's bikes have model number and are black. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How do I change gears on my 18 speed bike?

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. John Bisges CEO. This article related to a bicycle manufacturing company is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Magna bike build (5\

This United States manufacturing company—related article is a stub.So far so good. The ride is smooth, the seat is firm a little too firm I'll be getting a gel cover for it, but I'm really enjoying my bike. I got this bike because I haven't owned one in ten years and since my littles are always wanting to ride theirs I figured it was about that time. I have never put a bike together so this was a bit of an adventure. You need pliers, wrench, a huge Alan wrench surprisingly not includedand Phillips screwdriver.

It listed a few other things but I didn't need them.

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Also kept saying to put white grease on things, I don't know what that means and didn't have it but it works fine called for the handlebars and the seat- I assume to make adjusting easier so may be important in the future? When we picked up the bag all the nuts and pieces fell out so I had no idea how to put the seat clamp together and the instructions gave no information on it. My husband has always had the job of putting the bikes together so thankfully he knew how it went.

15 Speed Magna Bicycles

I also couldn't get the handlebars tight enough to not move so had to have him tighten that as well admittedly I could have tried harder but hey that's what I have him for. It probably took me 40 minutes to get it together with a bit of help. I do wish the instructions were better but in the long run it was alright. Got on the bike and round in circles and could still do it after a ten year hiatus lol.

I'm looking forward to some beautiful rides with my kids. Bike arrived well packed - all items were protected; easy to assemble; tires were already aired up! I really love my new bicycle, I don't ride it a lot, maybe a couple times a month so far. I really just wanted something that I could leisurely ride with my daughter and husband on a paved path and this bike is perfect for that.

The assembly wasn't too hard, I had my husband do it because I don't trust myself to tighten the bolts and such properly but he said it was pretty easy and didn't take him long. If you're looking for a bicycle to ride on unpaved paths and such, this probably isn't the bike for you but for casual bike riding, it's perfect and I'm really happy with it!

So happy with this bike! Very light weight and excellent for all levels of rider! The seat was quite small so I needed a bigger size but other than that is great. I haven't rode a bike in 13 years and it was so fun. I have the bike in pink and was very happy with the color. This bike was relatively easy to put together. It was almost completely put together when it came so there were just a few things to screw together and adjustments that needed to be made.

Make sure you follow instructions and put the pedals on correctly. It rides smoothly and it has great braking.

magna anza bike 18 speed

The gears transition smoothly. The hardware is built so you can add upgrades to the bike easily. The only real problem is that the chain isnt completely guarded so if I wear pants that are loose at the ankle while riding, my pants get caught in the chain. Make sure and wear leggings or shorts while riding to avoid this problem. Otherwise, it's a great bike!I recently bought a Magna Zip Drive 18 Speed at a yard sale.

I'm pretty lame so I just recently learned to ride a bike and I can't seem to get the hang of this shifting gears thing and to add insult to injury I can't even SEE the numbers of the gears on the bike.

So what are the numbers of the gears and how should I change gears properly so I don't damage the bike any more than it already is. You do not have to see the gears. You feel them. Shifting is all about pedaling When you ride you should be using a technique called 'spinning'. At the SAME time you want to have the same pedal pressure over the length of your ride. A:WAYS keeping them in balance. The right hand gears control the rear wheel cogs.

The larger cogs are easier lower and the small ones are the harder higher and faster gears. The left hand controls the three gears chain rings attached to the pedal. You use the smallest one only for going up steep hills. You use the larger two for the flats and down hills. On a bike I would almost always be in the biggest chain wheel controlled by the left hand and I would use the right hand gears to keep my spin rate and pedal pressure.

Pedaling is the most important part of riding. You use the gears to maintain that same cadence and pedal pressure through out your ride, on all terrain. Do not 'mash' the pedals Read up on spinning and shifting, or ask in this forum. It is the key to your being able to ride distance, with speed, without fatigue. So what are the numbers of the Actually, it sounds like the numbers wouldn't have meant that much to you anyways, and truthfully, you don't need them.

Now, judging by the pictures on the Magna website, it looks like all of their bikes have twist shifting. Get on the bike, pedal, and twist the left shifter forward away from you as far as it goes.

MAGMA mountain bikes

Then, keep pedaling and do the same to the right shifter. This should be the gear in which it is easiest to pedal. On flat ground, it might even feel as though the pedals aren't connected to anything! If you want, you can call this gear 1. To be sure, check that the chain goes around the smallest gear attached to the pedal chainring and the largest gear attached to the rear wheel cog. This gear is best for going up hills. Next, get on the bike, pedal and twist the left shifter back towards you until you feel the bike change gears twice.

It should get much tougher to pedal at this point.


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